Our company, Araki Komuten Co.,Ltd. mainly constructs and renovates Japanese traditional housing such as SUKIYA house, Tea room and Kyo-Machiya, by using Mukuzai*1
From measurement and cutting to final completion inspection, we provide a consistent service in-house. Our staff have undergone training at each process
in-house, and only proficient carpenter can be a Touryou (master carpenter) . The above system will grow 'a SUKIYA master' who takes over the traditional technique of Japanese old housing, and also make a special group of efficient and capable experts.
We provide our in-house skills to renovate the local temples and shrines ,no matter how small or large.

* - Not like laminated wood, purely natural wood, wooden poles made from one raw wood

Company Profile

Name Araki Komuten Co., Ltd. 町家棟梁
Representative director Isamu Araki
Location Main office:
  52-2 Umezu Takaze-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi,Kyoto ,     Japan 615-0906 → MAP
  Oharano Minamikasuga-cho, Nishokyo-ku, Kyoto
  35 Umezu Ishise-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
  10-1 Umezu Ishise-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Paid-in capital 20 million yen
Foundation April 1925(Establishment: March 1973)
Description of business Overall construction (the general construction, temples and shrines, SUKIYA-building)
Employees 24 (Director in-charge: 6, carpenter: 16, office staff: 2)
License number Design: Authorization by the Governor in Kyoto(23A) , No.524
Construction: Authorization by the Governor in Kyoto(TOKU 22) , No.3409
Defect liability: Organization for Housing Warranty No. 10032977
Renovating defect liability: Organization for Housing Warranty No. 40000574
Member of Organizations
- related to construction -
The Kyoto Constructing Cooperative Association(former president)
Kyo-Machiya SAJI group Association(vice-president)
NPO Machiya Saisei(rebirth and preservation) Association(president)
NPO KOZAI-culture Society(president)
NPO Furuie Renovation Network(president)
New Architect Expert Group in Kyoto(Accountant)
NPO Green Island Network
Forest and Housing 100 years Society
Kyoto - Suginoie- Za
NPO Japanese Old House Renovation Association, etc 

Our History

1925 - APR Founded Araki Komuten Corporation at Takema-school area in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 数寄屋建築の事例
1973 - MAR Established Araki Komuten Co., Ltd. at Uzumasa Yasui in Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
1980 - NOV Moved main office to the current address(Umezu-takaze-cho, Ukyo-ku)
2003 - NOV Built a warehouse No.1 at Umezu, in Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
2005 - MAY Certified as the Governor AID designated office of the Act on Supporting Business Innovation - 'Housing Renovation Using Old fitting Materials from Machiya'
2006 - MAR Built a warehouse No.2 at Umezu, in Ukyo-ku, Kyoto(rent)
2006 - MAY Registered on 'Green business entity' organised by certification system of Kyoto wood materials
2006 - JULY Certified as an Oscar Company in Kyoto approved by ASTEM*
'Expert Company for Renovating Kyo-Machiya & Ko-Minka '
*ASTEM -Advanced Scientific Technology & Management Research Institute of KYOTO
2007 - APR Registered on 'ECO-Kyoto 21 Entity'
2008 - JUN Registered on 'the Light Down Activity of DO YOU KYOTO? project'
running by Kyoto City
2008 - OCT Received KES *certification(Step1) 
*Kyoto Environmental Management System Standard
2009 - JUN Registered on promotion business for Gender-Equality in Kyoto
2011 - AUG Published 'Machiya Touryou'* from GAKUGEI publisher
*(Master carpenter of Machiya)
2011 - NOV Certified as Company devoted to parenting in Kyoto by Kyoto Prefecture

Our Staff

1) Craftsman
toshio moriwaki
Toshio Moriwaki
<Master Carpenter>
shigeki akita
Shigeki Akita
<Master Carpenter>
muneo adachi
Munekazu Adachi
<Master Carpenter>
toshio nishikawa
Toshio Nishikawa
fuminori tsukiyama
Fuminori Tsukiyama
hideki ushida
Hideki Ushida
yasuaki nakamura
yasuaki Nakamura
hiroaki sakurai
Hiroaki Sakurai
shinji nishikawa
Shinji Nishikawa
toshio oozora
Toshio Ozora
satoshi awazu
Satoshi Awazu
tadashi matsumoto
Tadashi Matsumoto
2) Design Administration, Site Supervisor
masanobu araki
Masanobu Araki
<Carpenter Leadership> Board chairperson
isamu araki
Isamu Araki
<Site Supervision>
Representative director
yukio murakami
Yukio Murakami
<Site Supervision>
senior executive director
satoshi araki
Satoshi Araki
<Site Supervision>
executive director
kazuya yonezawa
Kazuya Yonezawa
<Site Supervision>
toshiaki ono
Toshiaki Ono
<Site Supervision>
yutaka matsubara
Yutaka Matsubara
<Site Supervision>

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