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Sakujikata - Our Contractors of Public Works

  Many craftsman skills construct a long-lasting Japanese wooden architecture. Such as a carpenter fabricates woods, a plasterer coats a wall and finishes floor molds, and a metal craftsman who processes sheet coppers and galvanized steal sheet, is in charge of water-finishing process. There are several more types of occupation .
It is too difficult to find those technicians in a short time. Building a house cannot be redone therefore, we have to get or keep skilled engineers who meet our standards from the beginning.
We call those technical constructors as 'Sakujikata'.In Edo period(1632- 9th of Kanei ) Edo Shogunate Government allocated 2 members of 'Sakuji-bugyo*' their duties and required Roju(member of the shogun's council of elders) to control them.
Since then, gathering technicians to be called Sakujikata has started.
Each type of occupation requires 5 to 10 more years of hard training to become fully qualified. In Kyoto, we still inherit this tradition.

* 'Sakuji-bugyo' is an official position which was in charge of repairing or constructing of official buildings .

As a ground‐breaking ceremony, we prepare some foods from the mountains and the sea, and pray for safe construction to the God in that location.