Selected materials - Specialty

Our group, SUKIYA-JAPAN choose specialties for all materials from woods and tatami to fusuma-paper, related to Sukiya architecture.

  1. Woods Japanese cedar or Hinoki cypress which are made in Kitayama, Kyoto pref. and Yoshino, Nara pref. More Details  
  2. Ranma Ranma is installed above fusuma* which is put in between 2 Japanese tatami rooms in a row.
It is a decorating asset like fine arts and crafts, which is created by traditional craftsmanship.
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  3. Tatami Tatami mat shapes rectangle, and composes tatami-doko(inner part) and tatami-omote(tatami-facing). More Details  
  4.Fusuma A Japanese-style room consists of materials themselves such as woods, papers and soil. Therefore, the structure itself calls for a beauty, with a few decoration. However, sometimes paintings or design patterns are drawn on fusuma. More Details  
Fusuma*...A vertical rectangular sliding panel, often painted or decorated, used in Japan as a door or movable wall.