Everyday Fun in Japanese-style Room

  Tatami room does not always require you to sit straight with your legs folded under you.
Sometimes you can lay down on tatami directly, or center a table and chairs to have coffee break with your family.
Please personalize the Japanese style room whatever you like.
1. Overall
Japanese-style room does not have any special rules to use. The following picture is the typical usage style in Japan.
'Tokonoma' is drawn in center of the illustration. You can arrange some flowers on it or hang a hanging scroll which you like(please move the cursor over the illustration. You will find the difference of the above example).
Of course you can decorate with your favorite antiques or place some photographs.
Tokonoma is the space where eyes go to very first when your guests come in, therefore, display with your favorites to welcome your special ones.
2. Napping
We enter and stay in tatami room with taking off the shoes, it means that the entire tatami is like a bed. You can put a futon(bedding) on tatami or take a nap on tatami directly to enjoy its feeling and smelling.
3. Liking
2 ladies arrange flowers in this illustration. If you put the table set like this, your legs will not be tired at all. After finishing the flower arrangement, put it on tokonoma and show it to your friends!
Not only a flower arrangement, but calligraphy or pottery are also good to decorate.
4. Eating
It is very stylish to eat some special foods with your family or friends together in tatami room, while watching and enjoying the Japanese garden.
Having a house party or pot-luck party will be great.

5. Hori-zataku(Hori-kotatsu)
Hori-zataku is a low table placed over a hole in the floor of a Japanese-style room so that you can set your legs down. You can sit on tatami without getting down on your knees. Low eyes (eye line) would be the best height to see tokonoma and the garden.
In Japan, many children love to play in hori-zataku because it is narrow and dark. It is the good place to play hide-and-seek.
In winter, you can put some coverlets, so that it becomes 'hori-kotatsu'(please move the cursor over the illustration. You will see 'hori-kotatsu-winter style').
If you insert the heating system under the kotatsu, it would be very comfortable in winter because your foot and legs are warmed up.
You can also lay down to take a nap whenever you want.

6. Engawa - Sitting at Porch
You can enjoy sitting at engawa to bask in the sun or have a couple of tea.
Your foots will not go to sleep because you don't need to sit on your heels. It is fun to chat with your friends at engawa while looking at the garden tree.