Selected materials -Woods-

We use Japanese cedar or Hinoki cypress which are made in Kitayama, Kyoto pref. and Yoshino, Nara pref.
Japanese valuable woods are brought up by the strict nature and craftsmen's' skills. Using selected materials makes a tea room more outstanding.
In this page, we introduce how to make toko-bashira(polished logs)from a Japanese cedar.

First, pluck the new growths from its main Japanese cedar trees and cultivate them in the fields for 2 years .
And then, plant trees. To make them grow up straight, wear splints on each of them. After planting, mow grass on the ground once or twice a year for 4 to 8 years, and prune unnecessary branches after 6 to 7 years within this period. After that, perform pruning once for 3 to 4 years. It would be very dangerous and should be handled with much care.
To create natural parti-colored alcove post, wind splints(like chopsticks)around a tree manually. It is called 'Shibori-work'.
After 2 or 3 years from this preparation, trunk of a tree grow up so that its splints dig into the trunk.


Tighten a branch in previous year of the logging operation. It is because suppressing the growth makes a tree surface shiny.
5. It takes about 3 to 40 years, or 6 to 80 years to complete the above processes.  
Trees are cut down in Fall because the tree growth stops in this season. After cutting down trees, the row woods are stood against the wall for one month. After that, peel rough skins on the surface and dry them out for 10 days to prevent cracks.
After drying-out, remove astringent skin by using a spatula. More cold weather makes the wood skin more glossy.  
To prevent splitting when drying, split in a piece of lumber. What is more, wedge in to enlarge its splitting parts.  
At last, wash and polish logs.
To clean the log surface, remove astringent skins and any dirt carefully by using washed gravel.
In this way, making a polish-log is finally complete by a lot of manpower and over the years.  
Then, from here, those polish-log appearance completely depends on carpenters skill.
A beautiful polish-log makes us feel peace of mind .
Cooperation: National Noble Wood Youth Association