Sakujikata 〜Landscape Gardening〜


Landscape gardening with atmosphere -own world-

  A garden is like one world. The feeling of only I assembles stones in this world is the superb happiness.  
  Mr. Tadashi Matsumoto, who is a master gardener, says
'Both assembling stones and planting ground, no superfluities are best for a landscape gardening.
Leave out one by one from the garden, and you will see the beauty in a blank space.'
It is not too much to say that placing stones or planting trees are to stand out a garden which is like a cosmic space.
On a process which omits unnecessary things, the most beautiful scenery will show up gently.
Building only tea house is not enough to feel the old Japanese ancient housing.
As same as fixed stars float in an outer space, a tea room exists in an outer garden.
Just after a garden making is complete, plants or stones will face competition with each other.
They try to set roots deep and grow leaves, but its segregation is also beautiful.
Stones are also standoffish at first, however, stones will start having sabi (subdued look) in the space where the ground, plants and the air create.
And then, they become acquainted with the garden atmosphere naturally.
 <Paving stone selection >
 Use river stones because its corners are
  rubbed, and have rounded shape with
  smooth surface.
 The flat ones are easily to place each
  other in a row. This is very first process
  to face a real test of strength as a