Sakujikata - Tatami Mat -


Tasteful Tatami - Refacing Tatami Mat

  In Japan, there is a following proverb which is translated literally : wives and tatami are best when they're new.
What is the true meaning? How did this proverb come?
  Japanese ancestor, who was agricultural tribe, had started to use dried rice straws as like a tatami mat. It was written in Kojiki(Records of Ancient Matters ).* Rice straws blessed by myriads of gods are used as a core of tatami mat. In those days, shoes came from Korean peninsula had been in fashion among the aristocracy. However, they did not want to step on tatami directly by wearing shoes because they said tatami would be the state of leading to the God.  
  Materials of tatami are suitable for the natural features of Japan with the high temperature and high humidity. What is more, it has high resiliency, thermal insulation and moisturizing effect, and has a humidity control function which absorbs water and give off the water at drying.
Meanwhile, back to the first proverb, the interpretation is below:
''A new wife and new matting make a new home .''
It means that a newly-married wife and newly changed tatami make a home fresh and comfortable.
Of course, it does not recommend changing to the new wife, but men always hope their wives having youthfulness with smile and keep a fresh-relationship.(It is same for women.)
Like women can change with new clothes or make up on, tatami mat also can be refaced anytime.
  <Tatami facing-front side>
  Weave up dried rushes. Quality of tatami
  facing depends on the rush kinds,
  classes and weave patterns.
  Tatami design or color of its edge are changeable to match your feeling. Like this proverb, there are a lot of good ideas to live long together.  
  Kojiki* - is the Japanese oldest history book which was written in Nara period.