Sakujikata - Wooden fittings


Tasteful wooden fitting door - wood cutting*-

  When we have one tree, we decide how to cut it down after considering what kind of designs are best for it. Operating accuracy required to the wooden fittings is demanding and strict in the Japanese architecture.  
  In the Shinden-zukuri style (Architecture representative of a nobles' residence in the Heian period) , the hinged wooden double doors were installed on the post of the doorway. However, in the Shuden-zukuri style(Architecture representative of a main building in the Kamakura period), a sliding door had become popular.  
  If those doors are taken off, the open space is very cozy and relaxing for many people. That is one of enhancing the Japanese a sense of beauty.
In case of the wooden fitting door, we have been making efforts how to make use of the woods and its characters. For example, the round and tenon shapes are different between a Hinoki(Japanese cypress) and a Japanese cedar. Of course, a tree expression also differs depending on tree species.
It is hard to draw a straight grain on a Keyaki(Japanese zelkova), and color of unevenness are easily happened by hinoki leaves when coloring. However, wooden fittings including frames and doors were very important part on living space where they could have originality with the wooden design.
To prevent any clearance or a bend of wooden joints from drying after assembling woods fittings, those fitting materials must be dried perfectly. This an absolute condition. A percentage of moisture content should be within 10% or less for use. Especially for a tea room architecture, size of lattice-bars is extremely thin. It means that wood cutting process must be conducted carefully while considering a peculiarity of each tree. A housing performance and its worth in the next ten to twenty years differ significantly depending on the first decision of the wood cutting points.
   Small screens installed above the lintel
   of glass-shoji screen or partitions
    betweenan inner porch and a room
    floored with tatami mats. Those old
    fittings have profoundness.
  wood cutting* - is to determine each cutting point to get suitable timbers, and cut it down by following directions.