Tea Room (Class-A)〜Completion photograph of Tea room

Tea Room (class-A) - Completion photograph of our works

Completion photograph of Tea room(Class-A)

1. Appearance 2. Circular Window of Tea Room 3. Tokonoma and Host's Entrance 4. Kakekomi Tenjyo - ceiling consisting of different planes
5. Koushi window
- Lattice Window
6. Preparation Room with a cupboard for tea-things 7. Nure-En( porch with no roof) 8. Spot Garden
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About this tea room

It is relatively large tea room with a preparation room. Not only selecting specific materials, but rules of tea gathering and its usability are also well considered. We keep 'Shiki-Shichisoku' in mid when we design and create tea room.
In 'Shichisoku'(7rules), 7 mental attitudes/preparation of people involved with tea gathering are written concretely.
'Shiki' means 4 principles of [Wa-Kei-Sei-Jyaku] shown ZEN-mind:

Wa...harmony, to make good relationship each other
Kei...respect, to respect each other
Sei...purity, to purify not only appearance but also the spirit itself
Jyaku...tranquility, to keep tranquil mind at any time

Based on the above spirits, we designed to integrate the nature into the atmosphere of the building.
We considered the design of tatami and ceiling with function of the hosts and gusets, and placed pure white Japanese papers throughout the wall so that it shows clean area. Well-examined natural color-soid are used for its interior and exterior because it brings people involved with tea gathering into the great peace of the world.

Completion photograph of Tea room   Drawing process   Building process   Budget of Tea room