Budget for Tea House( The below case: class-A)

With the following composition, we can provide a teahouse which we introduced on the other pages.
Floor space 26.5m2 / Sq. Ft. 285 (8 tsubo)
The traditional woodwork method.


-mat foundation, Kurama-stone installation, skirting board* above natural stone pavement
-gravel placed under eaves, kutsunugi-ishi (a flat-topped stone for taking off one's shoes)
*It is installed horizontally between a wall and a floor because of its clearance. Habaki(shirting board) protects the plaster-wall and covers in the gap.
Post - decorative material for the internal measurement, Yoshino-cypress and red cedar
Roof board of eaves back laths - hegi board
Floor - henboku(each wood has different face) which the house owner wanted.
Outside - rusty cedar bark, goma-bamboo, nure-en(outside engawa-porch) and cypress boards with having a fine straight grain
base board (Jiita) - home-grown pine tree or zelkova wood board(keyaki)
Large roof - oxidized silver 80 kawara-tiles made in Awaji, straight line roofing eaves edges
Geya* - copperplate straight line roofing
*Geya means the space under a small roof which projects out from the main building, or a roof for engawa-porch.
Takekomai* with rough wall, noren-uchi(filling the clearance gap), grey wall by mixing water and plastering finish
*the lath used on top of rafters beneath sheathing and roofing materials
Wooden fittings 
Yoshino - red cedar or Hinoki cypress
Fusuma - Kyo-karakami(Japanese thick paper)
Papered shouji - Mino paper
Straw matting made in Hiroshima, Bingo-omote-tanba-ura(a quality tatami covering and inner mat), and Asa-beri*
*a linen material is covered on the edge part of a tatami mat


  Estimate of building construction itself (case of new-built)
 ・From $800,000 up (at the minimum)
  <Including the following items>
 design and supervision, temporary construction and foundation work, carpentry( including roof and gutter)
 plastering and interior finish, wooden fittings, water and electricity supply
 Remarks(additional costs)
 The following items are estimated additionally:
 1) landscape garden which is seen from a tea room, soft ground improving construction, security installations for the air
   conditioning, etc.
 2) According to your needs, it is possible to obtain tea room interior items such as a hanging scroll, tea things, a vase,
   Japanese tableware tec.

※ Additional costs may be charged due to weather condition or some accidents.

Incidental expenses for building construction
travel expense, the hotel expenses, transportation charge for building materials, application fee for building confirmation,
legal proceedings cost, taxes and so on.



  Please e-mail us as a first step (most of us do not speak English).
We have to discuss more details many times through e-mail or SKYPE as much as possible before tea room construction is started.
We will do our best to live up to your expectations.

You may be interested in renovating one of your rooms and creating a tea room.
It is easier way to get to know the Japanese housing as a first step.
Completion photograph of Tea room   Drawing process   Building process   Budget of Tea room