Sample case of a Tea Room (class-A) ‘Building Process’

There are building photographs of our tea room (class-A).

Tea room, building photographs for a Teahouse (class-A)

1. Foundation stone 2. Wooden framework 3. Eaves soffit 4. Corbel
5. Applying a rough-coated wall 6. Noren-uchi
(filling the clearance gap)
7.Decorative crosspieces
(boards on a ceiling)
8. Lattice

About This Tea Room

Constructing the tea room requires a lot of technique of a superior craftsperson.
Not only carpenters, plasterer s and tillers, but there are also panel sculptors and bamboo craftsperson(who make base bamboo wall before applying the mud-plaster).
All of those specialists make a good tea room. Unfortunately those superior craftsperson decrease year by year even in Kyoto.
We really hope to continue building tea house, gathering the remaining members and training new future carpenters.

Completion photograph of Tea room   Drawing process   Building process   Budget of Tea room