Tea Room (class-A) - Drawing

Drawing of our works

Drawing of Tea room (class-A)

1. Appearance(East elevation) 2.Appearance (West elevation) 3. Plain view 4. Development view
5. Cross-section view 6. Reflected ceiling plan 7. Door and window schedule 8. Mizuya - a cupboard
for tea-things

About this tea room

We provide all details carefully into our drawing when we build tea room.
Tea ceremony room is a architecture which shows wooden structure.
It means original wooden frames are seen directly when it completes.
Therefore, to build good tea house, every detail structure and location must be determined from the beginning.
We show only a few drawing on the above. Even we prepare an ideal drawing, we sometimes have to change small fittings on the process due to material choices or advice of master carpenters.

Completion photograph of Tea room   Drawing process   Building process   Budget of Tea room